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XY Graph

Display an X-Y plot of signals using a MATLAB figure window.




The XY Graph block displays an X-Y plot of its inputs in a MATLAB figure window.

The block has two scalar inputs. The block plots data in the first input (the x direction) against data in the second input (the y direction). This block is useful for examining limit cycles and other two-state data. Data outside the specified range is not displayed.

Simulink opens a figure window for each XY Graph block in the model at the start of the simulation.

For a demo that illustrates the use of the XY Graph block, enter lorenzs in the command window.

Data Type Support

An XY Graph block accepts real signals of type double.

Parameters and Dialog Box

The minimum x-axis value. The default is -1.
The maximum x-axis value. The default is 1.
The minimum y-axis value. The default is -1.
The maximum y-axis value. The default is 1.
Sample time
The time interval between samples. The default is -1, which means that the sample time is determined by the driving block.


Sample Time
Inherited from driving block

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